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Choosing Your Saddle

Thoughts to ponder when choosing your saddle

First off you need to know the fit for your horse. Then you must ask yourself what type of rider are you? Which discipline? English or Western. Whatever discipline, you may want to explore the options you may have. Custom, Semi-Custom or Production Line saddle? All are possibilities for you and your horse. Your budget is also a part of the equation when purchasing a saddle. Lets go over the options below.

Custom Western Saddles

Built on the tree that fits your horse. We have various options for design including tooling, color, conchos, silver, cantle and pommel height, horn, and rigging. We have several models in our custom line. Custom work can take up to 6 months as we may need to order the specific tree if not in stock which can take 4-6 weeks. Custom saddles pricing depends on the style of tree and options are many so an estimate is worked up for each order. Our Western saddles are built on a Steele brand tree. These trees can be rigid, slightly flexible or flexible. Visit Steeles website to see the various trees available at

Semi Custom Saddles

Another more economic option would be for us to order a Semi-Custom Western saddle for you through one of the makers we work with. We fit your horse to a specific fit form or mold and have a production line saddle made for you. Some makers that we work with are: Colorado Saddlery, Dakota Saddlery, Rocking R Saddlery, Frontier Saddlery, Textan, Billy Cook, Fabtron and Simco.

Custom English Saddles

We work with several makers for custom English saddles and can have your English saddle made with your specific desires. Custom work can take up to 8 months to construct after we have fit your horse. For this particular service we work closely with a saddle maker by making a mold of your horses back.

Adjustable Gullet English Saddles

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Custom English Saddles

Another option we have which is quite popular today would be to purchase an English saddle with a "changeable gullet system". The reviews are quite good on various saddle makers of this sort. Simon Pure Equine, Laser, Marcel Toulouse, Thornhill and Intrepid International are some of the English saddles that we have in our adjustable gullet line.