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Pam's Place Custom Saddles
Call (253)906-1105 to order all custom saddles.  We will design your saddle with the options you desire and assist you with fitting your horse properly.  Note:  All custom saddle orders include a Diamond Wool liner pad.  Note:  Custom saddle can take 3-6 months to make.  We also have semi-custom saddles that take less time to build yet many options are not availab
Call for pricing on the custom saddles listed below
The "Consuelo" Trail Saddle
is built on a extra wide "Steele Equifit" tree. Lovely rich brown tone with "Running R" edge tooling. Short skirt (23") for short backed horses. Front drop double D rigging and back D features multiple options for all types of rigging. Leather sewn and tooled authentic "Crooked Stirrups" and black memory foam seat for the most comfortable ride ever. 100% Shearling wool underside for extra cushioned comfort for horse. Wool also tends to keep the saddle pad from slipping around. Tastefully finished off with Montana Silver conchos give this saddle a real classy look. Weighs about 31 lbs so fairly lightweight. 

The "Naiara" Ultra Lite Trail Saddle
This model was designed by Pam focusing on the short-backed horse. We have cut the skirt down and made it as light as possible without jeopardizing the integrity of the saddle. Shown here with no tooling, padded leather seat, pencil roll cantle with "Crooked Stirrups" with stirrup fenders set slightly forward. The rigging is in-skirt dropped center-fire stainless steel.
The "All Around"
Trail Saddle
This is our best seller and was the first model designed for Pam's Place Tack.  This saddle has a leather padded seat with pencil roll cantle.  Double in skirt and back in skirt stainless rigging.  Equitation set stirrups.  Shown in Walnut with running "R" border tooling and authentic "Crooked Stirrups". Weighs about 28 pounds
The "Remuda Classic"
Trail Saddle Deluxe
The "Remuda Classic" model was designed by Pam and is the second model made for Pam's Place Tack. The word Remuda is of Spanish derivation, for "change of horses"  Tastefully tooled with antique  floral and running "R" edged.  The exposed stirrup leathers with tooled "Crooked Stirrups" and silver conchos give the saddle a real classic look and was designed with a slight square skirt measuring 23 inches allowing a great fit for  short backed horses.
The "Michelle" Trail Saddle
This saddle was designed for a rider that was soon to have hip surgery.  She wanted a secure deep seat with a low cantle and higher wider pomel.   We shortened the round skirt as much as possible to fit a shorter backed horse as well as lighten the weight.   Shown in Dark Brown with a black padded suede seat. Constructed on a Steele Equi-fit tree. Double front and single back stainless steel rigging.  Leather laced stirrups.  No tooling for ease of cleaning. 
The "Quigley" Sharp-Shooter
This saddle was designed for a client whose horse is named Quigley which has a very short back and prominent shoulders.  The lovely tooling is floral with a running "R" border.  Exposed stirrups with leather tooled authentic "Crooked Stirrups" with the stirrups turned with an "Arizona Twist" for comfort on the knees and ankles.  The slick seat has a memory foam insert making it very comfortable. Double "D" in skirt rigging with a back "D" make this the most versatile saddle rigging.  No need for a back cinch.  We added the silver conchos to dress it up enough for show. 
The "Mingo" Endurance Saddle
Designed similar to the Michelle model above with a higher cantle, no horn, endurance stirrups, barb wire edged tooling,  pencil roll cantle, suede seat, double in-skirt and back "D" stainless rigging.  
Pam's Place Tack Barrel Saddle
Beautifully tooled in basket weave with rawhide laced pre-turned stirrups.  Accented with Montana Silver.  Rough-out skirts and fenders. 

Evan Hall Roper
This saddle was designed for a draft crossLightweight roping saddle with brass hardware.  Tasteful barb wire tooling around the edges.  Memory foam seat and authentic "Crooked Stirrups" are added  for extra comfort. 
Fabtron Saddles
Cross Trail by Fabtron
All leather lightweight saddle with tunnel skirt ventilation, close cut components for close contact feel and ride. Nice wide 7 inch gullet and 5 inch high cantle for added comfort. Dropped C in-skirt rigging with rear rigging for Center-fire option. and aluminum endurance stirrups. Only 22 pounds! Brown with black seat.
Price: $1,275.00
Seat Size:

Easy Rider by Fabtron
Balanced ride trail saddle. Cordura fenders and skirt, solid brass hardware. In-skirt dropped C-plate rigging and back rigging. Leather seat jockey, pommel, and cheyenne roll with rough out padded seat and roping horn. Raised front with 7 inch gullet higher and wider to fit wide range of horses. Brown. 22 pounds.
Price: $725.00
Seat Size:

Gaited Trail Saddle by Fabtron
Higher gullet and bar angle allows that extra movement in the neck and shoulder area. Full-Quarter Horse Gaited Bars, Pleasure Horn, 3-1/2" cantle, 1-1/2" Cheyenne Roll, Raised Front with 7" gullet width, Rough Out, extra padded seat with 7/8 position rigging.
Price: $685.00
Seat Size:

Ladies Trail Flex by Fabtron
Lady Trail Flex has a high cantle for more spinal support and a seat designed specifically for a woman's body with a narrower twist for a more comfortable ride. Tooled leather front, jockeys and cantle. Cordura skirt and fenders.
Price: $815.00