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August 2012:  "I cannot recommend Pam's saddle expertise and customer service highly enough. Pam recently assisted me with a saddle purchase that tuned out to be a complete 180 degree difference from how it began. Pam was Always patient with my questions and offered great suggestions and guidance. Her prices are very fair and I can see that her primary concern and goal Is happy comfy horses and their people. I will need another saddle next year and I know I will be contacting Pam again. Thank you Pam!
~Kelli Danielsen -Oakland, CA
January 2012:  Pam, Having been away from riding for almost 20 years, it was a daunting thought to pick out a saddle for a spirited American Saddlebred that I bought in November. So when I heard that you did saddle fittings, I was so excited! Finally someone who can help me get the right saddle for my boy Flynnigan. Little did I know that you would show up with a crop of saddles to try and to my further delight, a Marcel Talouse that I could afford! Even though my show days are over, its wonderfully comfortable on the trails and Flynn is stunning wearing black. Thanks again for your time and effort to find the right fit for me and for Flynn!
~Gretchen Johnson – Port Orchard, WA
December 2011: Thank you, Pam… for your sound saddle fitting knowledge and especially for getting me and Hollyanna into the best saddle of our lives!  The Marcel Talouse Aachen Ergonomic Dressage Saddle.  I was very excited when you asked me to send you a review on the saddle, because it is truly fabulous!  Not only is it an example of the finest workmanship in every respect, but it is by far the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden in.  It is extremely lightweight, and the feel of the leather is fairly luxurious.  The seat is deep and stable, with soft padding for the seat bones on either side of the center line, lifting the spine up and away from the saddle.  It affords exceptional freedom of movement and balance for me and my very opinionated mare.  Mostly it’s just so comfortable to sit in.  I use it for everything from dressage lessons to shows to trail riding including some pretty rough terrain.  I have never experienced instability, pain or discomfort to my seat, spine, legs or feet despite many hours on horseback on any given day.   I absolutely LOVE this saddle and can’t say enough about it, except I'm 52 years old ... and that's something!  Next to Hollyanna, it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made!  Hands down!  Thank you Pam! 
~Lora Kelly - Port Orchard, Washington